You Can Make it with Raylo!


‘Winner’ by RAYLO has been backed by Pot Noodle and released by Ultra Records


Rapper Reece Whyte – part of RAYLO – has taken the next step in making it as a musician as he releases his first single, Winner, following the success of the Pot Noodle ‘Ring Boy’ #YouCanMakeIt TV ad, in which he provided the soundtrack.

Britain’s number one snack brand has seen a surge of public demand for an official release of Winner by RAYLO – sampled on the soundtrack to the famous #YouCanMakeIt advert. Having provided Winner with the airtime and hype that comes with it, the next move was for Pot Noodle to help Reece fulfil his dreams and support the official release through Ultra Records and the music video for the track.



The Swiss are officially all over Deep House. Bored of skiing and munching cheese, the likes of Cyril Hahn and Adriatique are shouting from the mountain tops for their unique blend of deep and bounce to be heard all over Europe.

Both are playing in the LDN over the New Year, Adriatique at the notoriously butters Egg club in Jan, and Cyril plays in early March.

Cyril’s new track is a breathtaking remix of John Lewis tunester Gabrielle Aplin. Enjoy.


Also see Motions for good measure – how this hasn’t got more views I’ll never know.


ImageMaxxi Soundsystem has been making waves on the Deep House scene for a while but for some reason never really gave the lad a chance. ‘Regrets We Have No Use For’ is an absolute banger that has not only made me see the error of my ways, but made me determined to check him out next time he is in the LDN. To get the balance between darkness and euphoria is such a fine art, and the boy from Brighton gets it right on the money.